Any programming language is a set of syntax, vocabulary, and semantics rules that are intended for software development. To learn a language, you need at least six months to at least a year. In that time, you will have mastered the basics. That is why you should study the ranking of the highest-priced programming languages in order to avoid errors in the process of selecting the optimal language. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time and money.


It is a simple and convenient programming language with minimal syntax. Programmers have already written many libraries for Python, so you can immediately start applying ready-made solutions to your projects. Using this language, the developers process information and develop neural networks and servers. If you get used to a language like Python, you can get a job as a backend developer. This language allows you to develop a bot for messengers or social media. A Python technician earns on average 200000 roubles.


This is a development by Google specialists. This programming language is a tool that developers use to service a company’s local projects. Its base is an open-source platform. Go is a language that has become very advanced because of its strengths, which allow developers to perform many processes simultaneously, such as run-time, parallel efficient processing, and memory use, if necessary in the future. On average, a specialist proficient in this language earns 140000 roubles.


This language was created as a side project. It is comparable to languages such as C and C++, and includes many keywords and similar commands from both languages, as well as unique elements.

According to experts, it is one of the fastest-growing programming languages. Users appreciate this for its high level of safety and performance. Two features of this language are effective storage and error avoidance. Specialists use this language to work on hardware devices and network services. The average salary of Rust specialists is 140000 roubles.


It is one of the oldest languages that remain popular even today. It is fast and simple and is therefore applied where developers need a high level of performance. Therefore, they apply this to software development for microcontrollers, drivers and the OS module. It is also the best variant of programming languages for people who are beginners and are just learning to work with programming languages. The average salary of the developer in C is 200000 roubles on average.


It is a cross-platform language that includes a large number of libraries and a large development community. It allows you to create a program and use it on multiple operating systems. Java is the best option for developing software for devices with a foundation in the form of an android platform, as well as for server software and microwave ovens. The average salary of a Java developer is 100000 roubles.