Python is a universal high-level programming language that developers use in various IT domains such as machine learning, application development, web, parsing and others. It is the optimal solution for many tasks and most platforms such as Android, iOS and PC operating systems.


The Python programming language is acoustic for a variety of fields, between system administration and Data Science.

Developers use this in:

  • web application development on the server;
  • the creation of workflows with software;
  • connection to database systems;
  • reading and modifying files;
  • execution of complex mathematics;
  • processing a large amount of information;
  • rapid prototyping;
  • the development of software already ready for production.

System administration

Python helps system administrators automate tasks. High power, simplicity and support for special packages significantly increase its efficiency. It is built into all Linux OS servers.

Python has a simple structure and helps even beginners to read code and identify weak areas of the system promptly.


Python provides several libraries that users can take to perform calculations and research:

  • SciPy contains scientific tools;
  • Matplotlib is a tool for 2D- and 3D graphics;
  • NumPy provides support for multidimensional arrays and matrices.

Most scientists prefer Python because of its mastery. It is popular among mathematicians and physicists.

Data Science

It is one of the most frequently used languages. With this tool, programmers create applications for analytic processes and algorithms for machine learning programs. It is an indispensable tool in the field of cloud service and remote data warehouses.

This language allows the analysis of any information from the Internet. Python is the foundation for creating web applications and neuron works, and specialists perform scientific calculations and automate processes with this. Python is easy to master, even if a person has never programmed.

The strengths of the Python language

This programming language is popular due to several strengths because it:

  • processes on different platforms;
  • differs in a simple syntax similar to English;
  • has a syntax that allows creating programs with a minimum number of lines;
  • is a functional, objective-oriented and procedural tool;
  • is characterised by a well-developed ecosystem.

The latest main version of the language is Python 3. However, the previous version is still very popular with users. This language will help you create the code because this is its general assignment. That is why you should use this language in fields that require a programmer to create a program that will function successfully in the first hours after its creation. Often, specialists use Python to analyse data in science or commerce. Another field of application of this language is DevOps and administration