Master Machine 3d Diamond Tester is an entertainment app where the user is asked to be a robber who steals diamonds and then verifies their authenticity.

Diamond Tester: general characteristic

Diamond Tester app was developed by programmers from Zeroox Studios who delight fans with regular updates. According to the basic idea, the players are going to become a charming thief. Along with it, you’re going to have to go on a lot of different missions, where you’re going to have to break into storage, break into secure facilities, and steal jewelry regularly. Diamond Tester is not just an entertainment game, but a mini-series of such games.

Gameplay is a very diverse action. It won’t bore you in half an hour, as it sometimes does in mobile games. The missions that users go through with the main character are not particularly complicated, but they will give you a lot of pleasure. With these, you can take a break from stress. That’s why you should android app download. This completely free process makes the game even more attractive.

You have to rob a lot of jewelry shops, banks, pawnshops, residences to make progress in the game. During this process, have fun as the main character will fight guards and run away from dogs at the same time. Zombie cats are another feature of this game. Stealing from Diamond Tester is an intellectual and creative process. You’ll have to crack the code lock and even use drones to bypass the doors and vaults.

The game offers its users a variety of possible events. It will be difficult for you to understand how best to act. If you find yourself in this situation, you can use a special user guide called Master Machine 3d Diamond Tester.

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Fighting is another advantage of the game. When your character fights multiple opponents at the same time, you’ll understand that. You can’t just stand up and fight back. This is a very fun and challenging exercise that will make your game multifaceted.

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