Recently Google has presented its own language which is used to develop Web applications. This language is called «DART». The first time it was mentioned was in 2010. At that time developers said that JavaScript contains many shortcomings that need to be corrected by improving the language or by developing a new one.

Dart has very impressive qualities, and some of them superceed other languages. Dart is easy enough to learn and if you have been programming in JavaScript or Java it is not very difficult to learn this new language. In fact Dart is an improved version of JavaScript. Another advantage is that it is universal and is fully compatible with all mobile devices and browsers.

It’s impossible to write about all Dart qualities in one small article, but there is a resource that can help you learn more. The developers have put all the information about this language there and you can also leave your opinion, preferences and feedback on this topic. Google assures that the Dart language is still in its “infancy” and will develop in every possible way.

Google may have taken a big step toward programming the future!