We find it difficult to name an optimal programming language for games creating but we can list the ten unique ones. Basically, the hardest part is that almost all of them are good for the cause. Only in certain cases is one of these programming languages more productive. That’s why you should pick one.

Now we can begin to enumerate in more detail the ten most optimal programming languages for creating games.

List of the best programming languages for games creating

  • C#. It is very hard but at the same time one of the most popular programming languages. The reason for this is that all popular game engines use this and that this language is based on the use of XNA, which is a toolkit for development by Microsoft.
  • C++.  It is an object-oriented language that many developers use to create games, although it is a very complex language. C++ is the basis of most game engines, which have a wide range of options to manage all the features of a computer.

  • Java. It is another representative of an object-oriented language. This language has a wider range of options than C++. C++ is optimal for creating projects for Microsoft and Xbox, while Java allows creating games for any operating system
  • JavaScript. On the question of which programming language is best for games creating, we can advise you to start learning JavaScript. It is the most convenient for developing interactive online entertainment projects, and it also allows you to integrate your code into other programming languages, such as CSS and HTML, which programmers use as a basis for the operation of all websites.
  • HTML5. It is used by programmers due to many convenient add-ons. Moreover, they are so useful that Flash technology has become unnecessary to modern computer masters. And Flash has been the basis of all browsers for several decades.
  • SQL. This is the best option for working with the internal layer of any database.
  • Python. This is another object-oriented language. It’s very easy to use and universal. That’s what makes it a favorite of many programmers.
  • Rust. It is a follower of C++.
  • UnrealScript. Epic Games developed this language specifically for one of the most popular game engines called «Unreal Engine».
  • Lua. It’s the last language on our list of Best programming languages for games creating. It is a simple and comfortable option for creating different game scenarios.