If you plan to learn the art of creating a site, you must first present what languages are needed for web programming. There are many such languages, so we’ll list a few of them in this article.

What programming languages you will need to create the site

  1. HTML from Hyper Text Markup Language. Literally, it’s the best programming language for creating sites because it’s the first one, convenient, and easy to use. To study this, you need only a little bit of time. However, you will not be able to create a beautiful functional site but only a foundation for the site.
  2. CSS. This is the language of «styles». This word is an abbreviation from «Cascading Style Sheets». It is a programming language that has the goal of bringing a beautiful appearance to the sites. It will allow you to realize your wildest designer fantasies.
  3. PHP. This language is mandatory to learn if you plan to earn money by creating web pages. It is the second best programming language for sites. Unlike primitive HTML, this language gives programmers the ability to create web applications that can extend web page functionality.

  4. WAP. This technology helps you create mobile versions of sites. The main goal of this language is that you can convert a standard site to make it as easy as possible.
  5. ASP. It is a scripting language and a tool that helps you introduce computer code components into a simple HTML unit. It was developed by Microsoft.
  6. PERL. It is one of the most versatile server programming languages that has general goals. Programmers use this language to develop server CGI applications, which are nothing but convenient tools for regulating web servers. Applications that have been developed based on this language help you manage to host by creating user-friendly and easy-to-use tools and support scripts that are designed to simplify system administrator operations.
  7. С++. This language is one of the most popular. Programmers often use this process to develop websites and browser addons.
  8. JavaScript. This is another convenient language that we can call one of the optimal ones. A scripting language allows you to create animation effects and work with DOM components. In the modern world, absolutely all sites use this language called JavaScript. This allows them to quickly and versatile work of all webpages. Those website owners who provide their clients with complex functions and large amounts of data are more likely to use this language.