The field of modern business is unthinkable without the fruits of information technology development. The global market boldly accepts the challenges of modernity and succeeds in forming a new economy. This is influenced primarily by the general patterns of technological development and the emergence of related innovations. Global market participants learn to do business with new techniques. This increases firms’ competitiveness and strengthens their position in their commercial niches.

The main thing for modern business is to follow the new world’s trends, stay in the direction of globalization and develop interactivity in relations with consumers. All this is served by such structures as information and communication technology models. In this article, we will talk about these phenomena and find out their benefits for business and production activity.

IT and its connection with information and communication technology models

Information technology affects all fields of human activity, so business is no exception. There are some particular models that, in recent years have become influential trends in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Each has an impact on the structure of enterprises and their timely transformation. Also, it helps to transform business to the realities of the modern global market. We invite you to look at the most important ones:

  • nanotechnology and new raw materials;
  • impact of consumer realities on business processes;
  • transformation of production technologies;
  • communication between the enterprise and the consumer, as well as between the enterprise and the manufacturers.

Information communication models help establish a connection between these members of the global market and between the consumer and the producer of raw materials. All three market participants are closely related. This interconnectivity is realized through the Internet and the services that enterprises provide through the Internet. People communicate with manufacturers indirectly. They do this by advertising and broadcasting information in general.

modern technology and business
Information technologies in modern production

Thus, the Internet has contributed to the emergence of qualitatively new commercial and economic categories. Trading shifted to the electronic field. So, money became digital, and broadcasting information about enterprises’ products and services passed into the online field. Even the work activity took on new forms. Generally, the hierarchy of organizations was transformed into the most modern form.

Here is one of the interesting and significant modern business models of information technology. We would like to call it a sales funnel. In practice, it looks like a graph that an IT specialist develops to analyze the consumer audience. The sales funnel helps businesses gain quality control of the sales process, which manifests itself in establishing communication with consumers. In addition, this tool allows specialists to optimize the work of enterprise managers. With this, they can manage the performance of each employee of the firm or production.


Modern information and communication technologies have penetrated human life in the broadest possible way. The market economy looks different than in the last century. Then, IT became an essential tool in implementing production tasks and their working conditions. The freshest information communication technology models help professionals structure business processes, guide businesses into the future, and help transform these processes for modern requirements. This allows companies to develop and maintain their level of profitability.