Modern information technologies affect humanity, so it is a fact. They bring undeniable benefits to society and are introduced into all fields of its activity. In everyday life, no human can function without a smartphone or computer, and every electronic device has become the result of the existence and progress of information technology. Professional activity depends on information technology, too. No modern participant in professional or household communications could function without the information technologies that are progressing today.

The life and activity of a modern human being is the more efficient and more straightforward it is to use the information correctly. Thanks to information technology, specialists remain in the professional trend. However, the field of IT has some problematic factors, as in all other fields of human activity. IT specialists work hard on them regularly. In this article, we would like to talk about significant issues in information technology and find out the fundamental trends of their solution.

Information technology: some issues and trends

In recent years, experts have conducted many complex studies that have demonstrated that Russia will embark on the path of a modern information society by the middle of this decade. At first glance, information has affected humanity for many years already. However, we are still far from qualitatively new IT realities.

Internet and technology in russia
Information technology in Russia

The introduction of information technologies into society and its activity is manifested in such practical processes as informatization and computerization:

  1. Informatization is the expansion of society’s access to the Internet and other world information structures. Society is making progress when the state allows the public access to global information resources. Today, specialists can solve many issues in these processes by creating and using new high-level programming languages. This condition applies to the professional activity of the freshest software and technical solutions.
  2. Computerization affects the distribution of computers and smartphones to consumers. Increasing the number of users of electronic devices and improving their skills with gadgets are factors that affect the success of informatization processes. Because of them, our world gets a new information environment in which people have become effective and in regular society. Computerization and informatization are changing society and helping it to adjust its social structure. Likewise, economics and politics are being transformed into new forms.
  3. Development of telecommunications. This phenomenon is also included in information technology issues since television became one of the forms of global information environments in the whole way. Telecommunications, as well as the Internet, have become practical tools of political management. The population receives guidance from the state through television. However, it is not always beneficial. Modern specialists in the field of information and communication technologies have developed some freshest methods of solving these issues connected with telecommunications. We are confident that experts predict their successful implementation in the coming years.


Modern information technology ensures communication between people at all levels of human activity. However, they still have some issues. For example, weak development of automation problems of information processes in enterprises and society, as well as the lack of specialists in the field of IT.