The world market for the consumption of media projects is undergoing a rapid transformation due to global digitalization. Information technology brings many innovations to the life of modern humanity that qualitatively change all aspects of people’s activities. Different industries are developing new methods of attracting customers and business planning systems. Management at enterprises has become more optimized and automated due to the progress of information technologies.

Today, Internet technologies are becoming more familiar to society, replacing television and radio methodically. Video games have become the preferred leisure format for many people, so their popularity is growing rapidly. The entertainment industry has come to a new age of evolution when Jet X games and many other online projects have become familiar to millions. In this article, we would like to discuss such innovative technology as artificial intelligence and find out aspects of its impact on the industry of gambling games like JetX. Have a pleasant reading.

Jet X games
Jet X games

Artificial intelligence: next-generation technology

Recent decades have been a revolutionary period in developing the video game industry. Games have been transformed into projects of a qualitatively new format. So, they went from slot machines to complex computer systems that often cannot function on too low-performance computers. Originally, computer games were not as successful and popular. The development and promotion of personal computers turned this industry into a huge global business. At the same time, games became more complex, realistic, and exciting.

Modern video games for gamblers and regular gamers are not just fragments of programming code but complex projects with different methods of storytelling and information transmission. The visual component of many games can amaze even an experienced gamer. It implements the most innovative computer graphics and animation effects visualization technologies today. It is also worth noting that music has become an important aspect of many games, so today, experts call games real pieces of art because of all this.

However, we would like to tell you about the features of other information technologies, namely game artificial intelligence. Today, almost all video game studios use this technology as a revolutionary means of expression. Often, developers even compete among themselves in the issue of the game’s artificial intelligence implementation. Moreover, experts believe artificial intelligence has become integral to any modern video game.

The main purpose of artificial intelligence in the development and gameplay of gambling and video games is the creation of visibility and intellect of in-game characters. Today, this technology is responsible for realistic behavior, reactions, and adequacy of character intent. Games for computers or mobile devices have artificial intelligence divided into peripheral and central, respectively:

  1. The fact that any game project reacts both to the user’s actions and changes in the virtual world. The protagonist and supporting characters, even NPCs, generate these actions. These are actions that are included in the functions of peripheral artificial intelligence.
  2. The central artificial intelligence is responsible for the decisions the character takes. User actions and the virtual world environment influence these decisions.

We can conclude that the game’s artificial intelligence is responsible for all events that occur in the game through visual and musical accompaniment. So, in other words, AI is responsible for determining the character’s movements, decisions, and behavior. Artificial intelligence is embedded into the game’s programming script.

The gaming industry never stops progressing; modern games do not give in to their precursors from the last century. Advanced developments like artificial intelligence and virtual reality help players gain quality new gaming experiences, and studios gain the advantage of creating revolutionary projects that please users and engage new customers in the industry of games and betting.

For now, developers try to support their audience with features like a bonus for JetX bet or new methods of working with users. Experts are confident that modern gamblers can participate in projects with game artificial intelligence over the next decade.



Thanks to the evolution of technological capabilities and popular interest in the gaming industry, interactive entertainment has become one of the most intensively growing fields of information technology. Global sales of game consoles like Playstation, XBOX, and Nintendo Switch have reached over a hundred million copies. Online games have become equally popular, so MMORPG and gambling projects give billions of users unique emotions and fascinating gaming experiences.

The online casino industry has not been excluded from global technological progress. Today, mobile device proliferation has become more influential on it than ever before. So mobile gambling has become more popular, and the number of gambling players has grown to millions in every developed country. It would be hard to envision a mobile device user who is betting and has never downloaded applications like the Jet X apk.

The progress of information technology is changing modern gaming. Innovative technologies such as blockchain, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence allow developers to create revolutionary projects that surprise users with their advanced technology. We may see a new generation of gambling shortly. In the meantime, online game development studios support gamblers with new promo codes for the JetX game, for example. We are on the verge of a new game world, but the relevant advantages of the gaming industry are still important.