Companion robots are something in between a home assistant and an intelligent machine. Nowadays, many exciting models are emerging in robotics. Today’s companion robots can clean a room, order groceries, call for emergency services, turn off and turn on household appliances, find lost things, and much more.

Until recently, a robot assistant was something out of science fiction, but today you can buy it in an online store. We have selected the most exciting and practical models of robot assistants.

Amazon Echo

The multifunctional voice assistant has become very popular in America. There are prototypes of such robots from large companies such as “Yandex” and others. The smart speaker can play music and audiobooks, provide information about currency exchange rates and tell the latest news happening in the world.

The robot can also control the “smart home” system: turn on and off the lights and household appliances. The voice assistant can help to prepare food, match the wine to a particular dish, and order a meal at home. You can even use voice commands to play exciting games with the device. For example, “Sea Battle.”

The robot assistant can wake you up at the appointed time, reserve a table in a cafe, call a taxi, and remind you when to feed your pet. Setting up and installing additional voice assistant features is carried out through a particular application. The only drawback is that it now only understands three languages.

AIBO robot dog

This robot companion is designed to establish and support emotional relationships with the owner. Fans of such devices are ready to buy them purely for entertainment, despite their relatively high price. AIBO is considered one of the most popular companion robots in the world. This miracle dog can move around.

The robot is equipped with infrared radars and a video camera, which allow it to study its surroundings and remember the owner’s facial features and perceive his commands.

The robot software has two modes: “puppy” or “adult dog,” which allows the owner to adjust the dog’s behavioral reactions immediately. AIBO robot dogs can learn and match the owner’s preferences, getting used to his lifestyle.


Aeolus Robotics – family member

This robot companion can help order groceries, clean up, or even find a lost item. It looks almost like a person. According to the developers, the robot’s capabilities are imperfect, but they are working in this direction and will soon be ready to present the improvements.

The machine carefully learns about the family’s life, adapts to the behavior of household members, and learns to perceive the environment around them. Based on that information, it constantly upgrades the quality of service. For example, it puts things in their proper place.

Drivers assistant

Toyota’s robot companion creates the illusion of a passenger’s presence in the car. Its task is to prevent the driver from falling asleep on the road. The robot can distinguish human emotions and offer to listen to music tracks, taking into account his emotional state. Also, the speech of the electronic companion is accompanied by simple gestures.

The robot companion weighs only 200 grams. The car is installed in a particular case and strapped with a miniature seat belt, just like a natural person. It is worth mentioning that it does not have a voice assistant function or router option and cannot receive messages or remind the driver of the upcoming accident.

According to the developers, the robot has only communication and entertainment options, which are necessary for the driver to be more careful, remembering that there is a passenger in the car.