The popularity of the Android OS is simply surpassing today. While iOS for iPhone is a pretty cool thing, 85% of all smartphones worldwide are based on Android. At the same time, Google provides development and support for this platform. By the way, smartphones are based on Android and many other devices, such as fitness bracelets, smart watches, TVs, and speakers.

This is why the specialists who develop Android apps will continue to be quite popular in this professional environment. You can become the same specialist, and as a result, it will provide you with an excellent and highly-paid job. However, some users wonder which languages they should pay attention to. Let’s take a look.

Popular programming languages for Android applications

This article describes some of the most popular programming languages for Android applications that are universal and will be helpful to any modern developer.


This language is considered the most optimal for creating mobile software for a good reason. You may have seen its logo on old button phones when you launched a game through it. This language has not lost popularity since that time and has even significantly increased it. Today, the Android Studio software environment supports the use of Java.

Java belongs to the family of classical object-oriented programming languages. Unlike JavaScript, which is much simpler to learn, it is not based on scripting. Therefore, learning Java will be much more difficult for beginners. Beginners in the field of mobile software development should start with something less complicated and less professional. However, they will have to return to Java sooner or later because familiarity with this language is mandatory for Android developers.



This is quite a young language. However, it did not prevent this programming language from becoming common and competing with Java. This is because the developers initially created Kotlin as a programming language based on Android. So its main advantage is its simplicity. Using this programming language to read and understand the code or make changes there will be much easier and more convenient.

Moreover, you will not see typical semicolons at the end of the lines. This makes it much easier to develop any application and reduces the probability of possible errors. Android Studio provides full support for both Kotlin and Java, but beginners will not experience these difficulties at the beginning of their professional journey. In addition, Kotlin is relatively concise and quite popular in the modern field of programming.


This language is ideal for those users who want to get acquainted with programming and know little about it. Today, Basic is almost not used to solve highly specialized tasks, but after its rapid learning, it will be much easier to understand the logic of other programming languages. Also, it would help if you did not forget about this tool later when you gain experience in this field and switch to more complex languages. With this programming language, you can master coding and create a simple application or game for Android smartphones without difficulty.

It will bring you a lot of positivity in the process. Support for Basic is not included in Android Studio. However, it would be best if you did not worry about it. The fact is that the unique software environment Basic for Android is provided for it. And it will surely please you with its adaptation to the needs of beginners.


Kotlin and Java are suitable for most Android software. However, their performance is weaker than C++, so you can only do with C++ when developing complex 3D games. At the same time, C++ is not suitable for situations where you need to develop a complete program for Android. Because the code base must communicate with the Java virtual machine, you can use it to write libraries to embed them into the main code. If you know any of the languages, C or Java, then the probability of your successful employment will increase immediately.