Are you planning to enter IT industry and choosing your first software development instrument? You will choose the right direction if you read now which programming language is better to learn first.


Python regularly hits the top lists of the best languages due to its versatility of use, clear and understandable syntax. It is userfriendly and easy to fix code bugs. It’s not hard to find a job with knowledge of Python. It is particularly used in the machine learning, data analysis, but the usage is not limited at all.


If the question of what language a future developer should learn first is asked by you with the purpose of getting into the web application development, JavaScript will be an excellent choice. It is used for the frontend programming: the visual part of websites and web applications with which the user interacts. JavaScript is relatively simple and there are a lot of tutorials and courses to learn it.



A tool created by Apple specifically to develop and support its own operating systems iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS. Besides, it is the easiest programming language for the beginners if you plan to go into mobile development for the iPhone or other Apple devices. Sooner or later you will have to learn Swift.


You can risk and try to learn C or C++ first. This answer to the question of what programming language is better to start with is not often heard. And the reason is the complexity and volume of these tools. However, once you master them, even at a not very high level, it will be relatively easy to learn any other programming language.

Other best programming languages for beginners

There are some other interesting and rather easy languages for the beginners:

  • PHP. Along with JavaScript this is one of the most popular web-development tool.
  • Ruby. It’s considered one of the easiest programming languages with versatile use.

In order to understand which language is the best for you to start learning programming, choose the direction in which you want to develop. A language is just a tool to get things done, so the choice is entirely determined by the aims you want to achieve. For web development it’s JavaScript, for business it’s Java (not to be confused with the previous one) and for the game development – Python or Java.